Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Split Vote

Split Vote
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We are a house divided. Francis supports John McCain, while George prefers Barack Obama. It's somewhat fitting, as I've noticed that Francis endorses a "trickle down" policy as to toys in our house, whereas George is a vocal advocate for change.

My mom was working the polling place at her local elementary school, so we brought her donuts when we voted. That's an issue that unites our household. We may disagree on who should run this country, but we can all agree on the consumption of donuts.


The headmaster at Francis's school just emailed the election results from her school. His email describes an election in which the 3rd - 8th graders elected McCain by a landslide:

It has been an exciting morning here at St. Andrew's with the students (3-8) casting their vote for President. We have had two television stations (channels 4 and 7) here to tape and interview the students. The results are as follows:

McCain 120
Obama 40


Kristen said...

RJ likes saying "John McCain", too.
love this entry. so cute!!

trace said...

man, were they Donut Stop donuts? oh, how I miss them....

Sally said...

Now I know where Francis is being influenced! :)

Sally said...

and yes... two dozen Donut Stop donuts. ;)

Kristen said...

hahahahahahaha... the school schooling your children. imagine that!

America said...

Dozer is a "McCain USA" endorser. I guess that fits the older preschoolers and the older adults both going for McCain and then the younger toddlers and younger adults going for Obama! Does that make sense, oh well. Love that photo by the way.