Sunday, November 02, 2008

Rainbow Fish and Pirate

Originally uploaded by ..Sally..
After flirting with the idea of being a good witch for Halloween, Francis decided to portray a rainbow fish. In a single afternoon's work---and fighting a malfunctioning sewing machine---Sally created this amazing costume. As with Francis's second-birthday otter cake, her 2007 tightrope-walker costume, and countless other great-mom moments, Sally pulled this off in the style to which we are accustomed. There has never been a prettier, more stylish rainbow fish --- or a luckier kid.

George was much more steadfast in his costume choice. For months, he's been telling us that he would be a pirate. He says it with a growl, along with a signature "harr matey." I had originally planned a more conservative mustache, but during application, George wiped it across his cheek to his ear. I think it made him look like Salvador Dali.


katherine petillo said...

wow... i can't believe you made that. i mean, i can, but wow... it's awesome. i think you may have yet another career path. is that your new place in the background? miss you!!!

America said...

Don't you just love boys and pirates! I am in awe of your mommy skills as well.