Tuesday, October 07, 2008


When I receive great customer service, I have to tell people about it. Chicago golfers, take note. Before we left town, I had been visiting Bushwood Driving Range in Maywood, IL. I even purchased a $100 card for 12 buckets of range balls. I was three buckets into the card when a storm hit the west side of Chicago and tore down Bushwood's boundary nets. For the next few months, they struggled to repair the nets, and were hampered by another high-wind storm.

I called today and explained that I'd moved to Texas and wouldn't be able to use my card. I wanted a refund, and planned on asking for a portion representing what I hadn't used. "Say no more," the owner said, and promptly offered a full $100 reimbursement. He refused to deduct the buckets I'd already used, and apologized sincerely for the downtime caused by the nets.

Visit Bushwood, if not for their devotion to customer service, then for their homage to Caddyshack.

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