Friday, August 08, 2008


Just because I don't want the top entry on this blog to be my dumb face, here's a quiz for you: in five minutes, list as many of the top-100 most commonly used English words as you can.  I'm embarrassed that I could only name 50 of them.  I bet most can do better, but I would expect someone closer to 8th-grade english (and the parts of speech) to do a lot better.  Post your results in the comments.  

via Kottke


Kristen said...

I could only get 25. I blame it on being a mother with a limited vocabulary.

katherine petillo said...

45. i think it's interesting that "no" is on there, but not
"yes". and also that "mine" isn't there :)

The Olson Family said...

48 !!!! Awesome game bro!