Saturday, August 16, 2008

What The Hell Is Wrong With My Hands?

All of the skin is sloughing off of my hands. Can somebody diagnose this hideous condition? Unlike my previous post, this is real, and I am concerned.


Steve and Amy Lou said...

It could be something called dishydrotic you have any bumps in addition to the peeling? do you tend to have senstive skin? have you been washing any dishes lately (i'm not joking!)? any lotions or medications used? otherwise...maybe a fungal infection???

The Olson Family said...

funny bro glue............nice try

if it IS peeling, soak your hands in water, leave em wet, cover in vaseline and put gloves on. sleep in them all night. works like a the way........gross

chacha said...

I vote stress. When a friend of mine was in grad school, all the skin molted off his hands. And another friend just told me that her husband had the same thing happen after pretty severe life trauma.