Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More Cheap Glasses on the Way

Although my co-workers keep telling me that I got exactly what I paid for, I consider my last experiment in purchasing cheap eyeware online a complete success. At $36 (including coated, prescription lenses), I really don't have to worry much about George punching me in the face and breaking my glasses. Or at least, the monetary cost of the glasses will be the least of my concerns in that scenario.

Because it is inevitable that I will break or lose my glasses, I ordered another pair, again online, this time through Optical4Less. As you can see, these are hingeless glasses, which I hope are resistant to the impact of a two-year old's fists.

My new glasses were made in China, and arrived in New York last Wednesday. Just like last time, I will post the results here for your praise and/or ridicule.


chacha said...

I got my cheapie glasses in Shanghai at an underground eyeglass mall. And yet, even after spending the airfare and doing some respectable haggling, the glasses set me back $40. What gives?

Matt said...

To be fair, these glasses were more expensive than my last pair: $50 with prescription lenses.