Friday, August 29, 2008

Last Train Home

Today was my last official day of work. I have to come in tomorrow to wrap up some loose ends, but I will drive in, so this is my last ride on the CTA as a daily commuter. Thanks for taking me to work, relatively reliably, for the last seven years. Thanks for giving me the time to read. Thanks for helping us be a one-car family. Thanks for all the interesting characters who ride your cars. I will forever remember your smell, the stalagmites that grow on your platform floors, and the welcome sound of an approaching train. And I've never told anyone this before, but I have always had to look behind me as a train approaches, to make sure no one is going to push me onto the tracks. I'll miss you, my smelly, somewhat reliable, dangerous friend.

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The Olson Family said...

Congrats brother! You have done a great job. Just think, you will now get to drive home from work with a beautiful Texas sunset to look at. Not much better than that. Bigger and better things ahead! Can't wait to see you at home in Amarillo! Love ya.....J