Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Francis!

Today, Francis turns 4. She awoke this morning to find streamers, balloons, and birthday banner in her bedroom -- constructed by Sally as Francis slept. She's in for a big surprise tonight. We're going to Kiddieland.

The girl is really growing up. For example, from the backseat a few days ago, she said:

"F you, guys."

Sally and I looked at each other, startled. We had been noticing that Francis picks up saucy language at school, but so far it's been of the "nanny nanny boo boo" variety. Hearing an actual F-bomb, even an implied/truncated one, from our 3.95 year old was very troubling.

What did you say, Francis?

"'F,' you guys," she said, as she pointed to the capital "F" in the book she was reading.

Oh. I see.


Sally said...

Matt, you're remembering it wrong. :)

It wasn't an "F" in a book, it was an "F" that she created by munching on a pretzel. She chomped away at it to create her favorite letter...and then proudly showed us what she had done.

Matt said...

exactly right, beautiful wife.

Kristen said...

happy birthday, sweet francis! i can't believe 4 years has flown by so quickly!!

that creative, francis! i can't wait to hear what she comes up with next! ;-)

julie said...

Pretzel or book, either way I'm just glad it wasn't the real F bomb. I immediately thought, "oh dear, could Jason and I have taught her that word on accident during our visit?!?!" Happy Birthday everyone but Matt this month!

katherine petillo said...

happy birthday sweet f.
we love you.

America said...

I adore the picture editing! Happy July Birthdays, it is a great month to be born, even when you are almost hitting forty. Are you sure all the saucy language is coming from daycare? :)

Kristen said...

I LOVE THAT PHOTO!! so cool. the color is great! I wish there really were three francis cats. Then one could come live with me and we could laugh all day long about all the funny things she says.

Mariel said...

LOL- And least she wasn't really dropping the F-bomb almost four ;)
Hope you had fun at Kiddieland! $ is such a fun age and Francis sounds like a hoot. How cool are you, decorating her room while she sleeps- AWWEEE.

Love this picture Sally! Just...WOW! Made me think of either Sesame Street or Electric Company in the late 70's where the kids are running and jumping with tracers of themselves following..remember that or am I just a freak? (Don't really answer that, please) So glad to be back in touch ;)