Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sneak Peek for Momma L

This morning I hung out with little J and his mom. Oh my goodness, what a charmer. He is so adorable. We played in his room, ate some leftover birthday cupcakes, and went to the park, but my favorite moment of the day by far, was when he just pulled down his pants and showed off his new potty training skills! Good job little J!

I love that he was peeking out the window waiting for me when I arrived. So cute.

Playing with his mom - so cute!

Boys do love their trains...

He comforts himself by twirling his mom's hair...

Eating left-over 3rd birthday cupcakes:

I just never get tired of these shots.

At his favorite playground.

Playing peek-a-boo in his crib. I love how kids fill their bed with their favorite stuff. You never know what you'll find!

Wew. The heartbreaker. ;)

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Kristen said...

man, i love your perspective. i adore the one of him holding his train and in his crib with all his stuff is the kind of moment you want to remember forever. the closing close up in black n' white is to-die-for. so killer. i love your blog. keep up the great work!