Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Milk makes you jump

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Yesterday, the family packed up and drove down to Fair Oaks Dairy Farm in Indiana. Fair Oaks is a working dairy farm that is open (and tailored) to visitors. We saw the milking facility where more than 60 cows are milked simultaneously on a giant carousel. We saw the mountains of Total Mixed Ration that feed the thousands of cows at the farm. Most memorably, we all sat spellbound for half an hour as cow number 49885 gave birth to a calf.

"Francis, are you seeing this?" I would ask.

"Yes, I see it, Daddy. Why is that baby cow so wet?"

"All babies are wet when they're born. You were wet."


"And then your mommy licked you clean just like that cow is doing."

Francis laughed, but most other people just looked away nervously.

Pictured here is the inflatable trampoline that gives the cow-birth a run for its money in the most-memorable race. Not pictured: tractor races, climbing wall, and delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.

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Kristen said...

man, that sound like so much fun! i would have loved watching the calf birth process, too.