Thursday, April 24, 2008

Showit to Chicago!

The imfamous David Jay!

Rubbing noses with Bob Davis and David Jay

David Jay and Me

Taking notes from the photographers

Kenny Kim

Tonight I headed to Bellissima Studio downtown to hear David Jay talk about his new web design software for photographers called ShowitSites. I am so excited about ShowitSites. As a print designer, I end up being a frustrated web designer and showitsites makes that all go away. It's completely customizable and drag and drop easy! I can hardly wait till it's released in May. When I do end up getting it, you'll hopefully see a nice change in design and functionality on

I love living in Chicago. I love the access to such amazing meetings - full of such talented photographers.


Kristen said...

Color me green with envy for meeting sunshine-head David Jay. What an influential person/photographer/biz guy he is! I'd give my left arm to meet him. ;-)
Just kidding, Lord. I'll need that arm for balancing the shot.

|| davidjay || said...

Thanks for the nice post and the support! I'm stoked that you liked Showit Sites and it's gotten a lot better since getting feedback from all of you.

Many blessings!

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