Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rockstar Roadtrip Workshop

In the land of iphones. Envy does not describe.

Yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Rockstar Roadtrip Photo workshop taught by Corey McNabb and Amber Holritz. We spent the day talking shop in the downtown Hilton Towers (the same Hilton Towers that banned me as a college student for sneaking up to the roof.) I'm pretty sure I slipped in under the radar and fortunately for me, because I learned a ton and had a great day meeting a room full of other great photographers. After our workshop we spent the last 30 minutes or so rockin' out to Guitar Hero (you gotta love a workshop planned by Creatives!) and then headed to Chicago's favorite, The Billy Goat Tavern, for beers and burgers. Thanks again, Corey and Amber! (more pics at greyfinch.blogspot.com)

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lauren said...

Thanks for the lens suggestion... it's surprisingly affordable!

By the way, how did you know what kind of camera we have? Just curious! Maybe some kind of photographer psychic ability?

On another note, do you guys have any photos of Matt and Curt's grandfather and/or uncles when they were younger?. We have been trying to find some and haven't had any luck. I don't think Curt's parents have any easily available.

Just thought I'd check! We've been pondering family resemblances and then I realized that we didn't have any photos of the previous generation.