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RECIPE: Steak Kebabs, Asparagus, CousCous - Yum

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Here's another recipe (or a dinner's worth of them) from my friend of a friend. ;) This was so easy and the kids loved it.

Steak kebabs :
When you get home, marinate the sirloin kebabs in teriyake sauce in the fridge -- 1/2 hour or an hour is fine, longer is even better.
You can broil or do them in the grill pan -- if you do in the oven, do the steak first and let it stand while the asparagus cooks
if you broil, rack should not be on the top one -- one down -- and on med-high broil
watch carefully and you will want to turn them a few times -- total cooking time about 10 mins I would think. Cut one open a few minutes early -- should be pink but not red.

Roasted lemony asparagus
heat oven to 400
Break or cut off the tough ends, wash and dry VERY thoroughly
Spread on a sheet pan (line with foil, clean up easier :-)
Drizzle with olive oil and juice from 1/2 lemon
Broil for about 20 mins until tender and starting to brown -- turn them once
OPTIONAL: sprinkle a little fresh parmesan on some for the kids

Israeli couscous
Follow directions on the box but use veggie stock instead of water, or 1/2 and 1/2 works too

Hummus & pita
Just open up store bought hummus and heat the pita. We have a gas range and a friend told me to heat the pita directly on the burner at a low heat for a few seconds on each side - flip with tongs. It's amazing how much better they are when they're heated like this.


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