Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Child Logic

My mom is visiting this week. Yesterday, Sally left Francis and George with their Grammie while she ran some errands. Francis burst into tears after Sally departed, and my mom tried several things to calm her. Activities didn't work, neither did a "crying towel." That's when she pulled this ingenius bit of child logic:

Francis: I [sob] want [sob] my [sob] mommy [sob] [sob]

Grammie: I'm not sure when she's going to be back, and if you cry the whole time, you'll just have a sore throat when she gets back.

Francis: [sob]

Grammie: So why don't you stop crying for now, and we'll listen for your mommy? That way, you can start crying again when she's coming back in and you won't have a sore throat.

Francis: [nodding] [sobbing stops]

I asked my mom if she'd ever used that one before, and she said it just came to her. Must be the instincts of a retired second grade teacher.


katherine petillo said...

that's genius! now, did she remember to cry when sally came back?

America said...

I agree with the above and also want to know did she remember to cry?

Matt said...

She was a pleasant person for the remainder of Sally's absence, and she did not remember to cry.