Monday, March 03, 2008

I just got this email from Matt

"As I was walking out of the Chase bank building this morning, I walked into the following scene: there was a black suburban by the curb on Clark and about three other cars forming an impromptu barricade. On the sidewalk, there were a couple secret service-looking guys holding back foot traffic either way. As I paused to gawk, a guy that I’m 90% sure was Tony Blair got out of the suburban and walked within five feet of me to go into the revolving door that I’d just used. Funny how they went through all that trouble just to let Blair get close to me. I never had him pegged for such a stalker."

update: apparently, Tony Blair didn't travel all that way just to get close to Matt. He also spoke at Depauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Incidentally, "green castle" was the phrase describing the toilets at the childhood camp where I met Matt.  They were outhouses painted green, and cleaning them was an oft-threatened, but never imposed, punishment.

*Photo from GoogleImages.


Fulmer Fam said...

Y'all are almost too funny, do y'all really talk like that to each other in e-mails?

Sally said...

I swear this is exactly how the email came to me - start to finish. I married a funny man. ;)