Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy belated Easter!

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I've still got some photo editing and uploading to catch up on, but here are some pics of us dyeing easter eggs on Saturday. Note: Francis's new haircut. :)

This is how it came about last weekend:
Francis: "Daddy, do you brush your hair?"
Matt: "No, Francis I guess I don't."
Francis: "Daddy, do you get tangles in your hair?"
Matt: "No, Francis, I don't."
Francis: "Mommy, I want my hair like Daddy's."

I couldn't do it to her any longer. As cute as it was, it was time to get the hair chopped (about 6"). And surprisingly, none of us have cried about it. I think this little haircut suits her just...perfectly.


Kristen said...

Her hair cut really is perfect. All girls love a new 'do for spring! get your spring on, girlfriend!

America said...

I think it is fabulous, really I love short hair on little girls, it accentuates their beautiful little girl faces. I love her reasoning though, so practical. And Kristen I think RJ is due for a trip to a "real" stylist as well.