Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Francis and Georgie: BFF

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Monday mornings are typically reserved for a trip to the Brown Cow for storytime with Miss Tracy (also known as Dancy Nancy on Jack's Big Music Show). However, she wasn't there this week so we headed to the Garfield Park Conservatory with the Bassetts for a chance to run around without our coats. We learned that every Monday morning they have a special kids activity, this week it was building "Bug Houses."

I've noticed, as of late, that Francis and George are really becoming...buddies. While building these little test tube bug houses Francis was continually encouraging and helping him saying "great job" and "here ya go Georgie." Big sigh. I just love them. It is so heart warming to see a bond forming between them. My sincere hope is that they become and continue to be the best of friends.

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