Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour in Chicago

Earth Hour - comparison
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Tonight from 8-9pm Chicago turned it's lights out for Earth Hour 2008. People around the world were asked to turn off lights and non-essential electrical items as a way of conserving energy.

These photos were taken by a flickr member and I loved that they show the comparison of 10 minutes before the lights went out and then after. I think it's neat to see the lights off in the Sears Tower. Check out the difference in the sky. I'm actually a little surprised the sky is blue. We live a block from Chicago city limits and the night sky is typically orange-ish due to the downtown lights. In fact, on our last trip to Texas, Francis freaked out at the first sighting of stars! it blew her mind! Pretty sad.

We had our lights off, did you?

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Jacki said...

That is so cool. I woulda turned off my lights, but I didn't even no u were doing that. I guess that happens to people like me that don't watch the news.
Well I'll talk 2 u guys l8r.