Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow Angels in the sidewalk

Snow Angels in the sidewalk
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On Monday, it snowed for just a couple of hours in the afternoon. Francis and I (while George napped) were able to get out there just in time for some sidewalk snow angels. Francis was so fun to watch. She was so proud of herself. She just giggled and giggled and said "Mommy, Look! I can make snow angels!" She also suggested we play the run down the sidewalk game. Which, of course, we did. She beat me every time. ;) She's growing up so fast. Big sigh. I love her.

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Fulmer Fam said...

You mean the Run down the sidewalk and fall on your ask me no more questions game, hahaha, that would be me. They do grow up so fast, we are all turning into our mothers with that statement a million times a day, you do realize that don't you?