Friday, November 30, 2007

Santa and His Two Elves

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Preparing to celebrate her third Christmas, Francis has developed a new attitude about Santa. She used to hate him. Now she tolerates him enough to sit on him and tell him what she wants for Christmas. She climbed into his lap, looked into his eyes (how they twinkled), and said "I want a talking head." Santa's belly shook (like a bowlful of jelly) as he chuckled, "ho, ho, ho; that's nice, dear."

I wonder if Francis was the only little girl who asked him for a disembodied head this year. She was referring to a novelty item she saw at a friends' Halloween party: a fortune teller's head inside a crystal ball. The head would come alive and speak when someone touched the ball, and it made an impression on Francis.

George is Santa-neutral so far.

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