Monday, July 30, 2007

Trial Period Officially Over

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One year ago today, our sweet little Georgie joined our family. Being 9 days overdue, like Francis, we scheduled an induction for the following day. However, smarty pants George got wind of the eviction and decided to come out on his own. When I got to the hospital, I was 7 centimeters. And after getting a glorious epidural (God bless the women that do it without) and one big push, Georgie showed up just a few hours later.

It has been a wonderful year. I know I'm his mom, but I think I can say with some objectivity that he is a great baby. He was sleeping through the night at about 3 months and continues to sleep from 7:30 - 7:30. (As a parent, you just can't ask for more than that.) He climbs EVERYTHING. He's starting to stand on his own, but still no walking...soon I think. He loves milk, and eats just about everything you put in front of him. He loves taking a bath and gets fussy when you take him out. He spends most of his nights being lullabied to sleep with the sound of his daddy singing Danny Boy, Loch Lomond, Notre Dame Our Mother, or of course, the ND fight song. It's funny, I've tried my best to sing them to him, but I think he finds daddy's voice more soothing. Go figure. (This coming from a girl who didn't make 5th grade choir. Who doesn't make 5th grade choir?!) He says, "Da-Da, Ma-Ma, and I swear, he says "Fan-cis."

He is the sweetest and most cuddly boy these Guldes have ever seen. So... we've decided to keep him.

Happy 1st Birthday, my precious son.


katherine petillo said...

Happy Birthday George! I wish we were there to celebrate with you.

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday, George!!