Friday, June 29, 2007

Jason Boyett: Blogging for Relevant Magazine

Friend of MattandSally Jason Boyett has picked up a new gig: blogging for Relevant Magazine. If you enjoyed reading Jason's Pocket Guide to the Bible or any of his published works, then be sure to check out his new blog.

In his latest entry, Jason ponders the lines forming in front of Apple stores around the globe in anticipation of the iPhone. He offers a list of items for which he would be willing to camp out on the sidewalk, including a

Bluetooth ear thingy one-way blaster. This product would allow me to transmit my voice into the earpiece of any person — say, within 20 feet of me — who is talking into his little hands-free Bluetooth ear contraption.

The last time I camped out for anything was the fall of 1995, when my roommates and I were first in line for ND football student tickets.

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