Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First Trip to the Hospital

For the last eight and a half months, George has been waging war with the forces of gravity. This afternoon was the first time gravity struck a decisive blow. He was just trucking around the coffee table, and lost grip coming around the end. The glass corner knocked one of his teeth askew and split his gum.

There was a lot of blood and a very loose tooth, and there just happens to be a hospital in Chicago with a pediatric dentist on call, so we took him in. X-rays gave reason for optimism, because the root is still intact. He's not out of the woods, though: he could end up with a grey tooth or a tooth that needs to be pulled. At the very least, George is going to have a loose, goofy-looking front tooth for a few weeks.
Many thanks to our neighbor Maureen, who swept in to watch Francis while we were gone. We knew Francis was in good hands when Maureen pulled out the yogurt. Suddenly, Francis didn't mind our leaving so much.


Kristen said...

Whew-EE! Never a dull moment in the Gulde household. I'm glad it was just a tooth at stake. Coulda been an eye with a BB gun. ;-)

Sending lots of love & patience your way!

chacha said...

Poor Georgie, and poor Sally and Matt! Glad to hear his pearly whites are ok for now. Of course, still a ways to go until his teeth are out of danger (I lost my front two teeth to the gym floor in fifth grade).

Lea Parrott said...

Hey Sally sorry to hear about Georgie!
Drop me a line and let me know what you think about the blog