Monday, March 12, 2007

Bathroom Fixture

Bathroom Fixture
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We've discussed the dilemma of baby placement in public bathroom stalls before. It's certainly true that one occasionally needs use of both hands in the bathroom, and we had criticized the BabyKeeper product, saying that it would be a hassle to fish the thing out of your bag, assemble it, and hook it over the stall door.

Enter: the baby sling. My friend Melanie made this awesome babypouch for me when George was born. Not only is it sylish and perfect for carrying Georgie everywhere, but I found out the other day that it works great in a bathroom stall as well. The sling may not boast a five point harness, but I tell ya, with arm's reach supervision, it sure did the trick.

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Fulmer Fam said...

Oh so cute, I miss those slingy days!