Thursday, December 21, 2006

Questions to Ask Before You Marry

The New York Times ran a list of fifteen questions that all couples should ask before they marry. Reading the list, I noticed that it's practically identical (in scope if not in particularity) to the themes covered by good old Father Dave Farnum in our marriage preparation with the Catholic Church. For all the complaining that couples do about attending these churchy sessions, more people should use them. You might walk into a church marriage-prep session expecting the goal to be conversion or simple spiritual platitudes.

This list reminded me, though, that Dave's primary concern in our wedding prep was the nuts-and-bolts of marriage: who's going to dress the kids? How many checking accounts? Sure, he was interested in our spirituality. More particularly, though, he wanted to know if my thoughts on such matters were compatible with Sally's, and that we had the tools to work through our differences.

As we approach five years of marriage, I'm glad we were asking these questions from the start.


The Gulde Gang said...

Excellent questions. After 16 years, I find that it's good to KNOW where your mate stands on ALL of those issues. When you think of all the possible answers to those questions and the potential clashes...isn't it a miracle we've found our mates. GOD is SOOO good...dg

Anonymous said...

When are you going to put up Christmas Pics!!!

Anonymous said...

come on Gulde's, getting restless here! need pics!

Anonymous said...

count me chimed in with Amber. she's on to something. i also wanted to offer my sincerest congratulations and tip of the hat to the funniest/saddest Christmas card ever in the history of photo cards. damn, i wish i was a gulde!!