Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wolf Baby George

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So yes, Halloween. It was great. For a few weeks now, I have been talking to Francis about how she was going to wear her red dress and go get candy at Mary Fran's house and Michael and Tom's house (some of her favorite neighbors). So when we got her dressed that afternoon she couldn't have been more ready. She was on a mission and knew exactly what to do. I was surprised that she didn't hesitate or freak out when we put her hooded cape on. Instead, when it would occassionally slide off, she would stop in her tracks and give us orders: "hood on!" George just enjoyed the wagon ride with his big eyes (the better to see you with, my dear).

To add to the fun, we got a call around 11 a.m. from our friend Ryan Brown. Becca had gone into labor and I needed to pick up Eoin from the hospital! Three hours later, Eoin was a big brother (to young Kurt Gregory) and I was learning how to sew wolf ears on a bonnet while breastfeeding. Becca and Ryan, congratulations and welcome to the world of parenting two!

So we had the honor of hosting little monkey, Eoin, on his first real night of trick or treating. If you know the Browns, you know that this is one of their absolute favorite holidays so we felt a distinct responsibility in making sure we showed Eoin a good time. Our fatal mistake: not bringing the "shoe-ball" (more commonly known as a football) with us. He would endure for a couple of houses and then he'd start to cry and say "shoe-ball, shoe-ball." It was pretty darn adorable: a monkey longing for his shoeball. I've learned my lesson, though; I promise to keep a shoeball in reach at all times. (Note: he did seem to cheer up when we passed a sign in someone's yard with a picture of a football on it.)

After hustling up and down our street for candy, we had a get-together at our house, featuring chili, pumpkin tort (a Carns family favorite) and hot apple cider. The stiff wind on Halloween was an introduction to the cold reality that the summer is long gone and winter is upon us. As long as I have chili and pumpkin tort close by, though, I think I can make it to spring.

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Kristen said...

Sally, your chili and pumpkin tort sound delightful! I am continually amazed by your ability to do it ALL! What a great mother you are. I wish we could have been there... Sending you warm thoughts....