Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pat and Laura

Originally uploaded by The Gulde Family.
Our good friends Pat and Laura tied the knot last weekend in Philadelphia. We'd looked forward to this wedding for a while, as the only one this summer that Sally and I would be able to attend together. There were two other weddings of very close friends of ours this summer, but George's arrival kept Sally from attending.

Pat was my classmate in college, and was one of the first people I met at Notre Dame. Click on the title above for 126 photos from their wedding and reception.


Drew, Amber and Megan said...

I looked at all the photos, Sally you are amazing. You should soooo be a wedding photographer, you're like a specialist or something.

Drew, Amber and Megan said...

Actually you just need to be a life photographer, just whatever walk around and make a book of how you see your day to day life, that would be amazing.