Monday, October 02, 2006

Danny Boy

Francis has a bedtime ritual: take a bath, brush the teeth, read a book, sing a song, go to bed. It's the same every night. A former glee clubber*, I take great pride in the variety of songs that France gets every night. She gets the children's classics and stand-bys, but she also gets a number of NDGC favorites such as Loch Lomond, the Victory March, the ND Alma Mater, Shenandoah, and Francis's favorite: Danny Boy. We didn't actually know that Francis liked Danny Boy until this weekend. In fact, I wasn't even sure she had been listening. It seemed quite possible that she was just sitting in my lap coming up with schemes to avoid bedtime. As she and Sally drove to the park on Saturday, however, Francis started singing Danny Boy in the backseat.

Every day, we're astounded by how much Francis is understanding and retaining. Just the other day, she was looking at pictures with her teacher, Roxanne. Francis came across the picture of a baby Roxanne used to watch. "Ethan!" Francis said, correctly identifying the kid that she hadn't seen in four months.

George is way behind. He can't even talk yet. The only thing he remembers is where the milk comes from.

* I must admit, with some reservation, that one is never really a "former" glee clubber.

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The Gulde Gang said...

Your Glee Club days come up frequently when we attend Tascosa choir events...last night's fall concert was no exception. Apparently Mr. Talley deems your singing career his success story & he tells it often. How you had never really sung and not only did you grab were successful and took that talent with you to ND. Yeah, he loves you still. So do we! dg