Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yeehaw Bang Howdy!

Cowgirl Francis
Originally uploaded by The Gulde Family.
This set of photos is for one of our favorite people, Uncle Hunky. He's a real cowboy in Clarendon, Texas. Francis and I talk about Texas, Oklahoma and cowgirls a lot these days. My mom brought her a cowgirl outfit when she came to help with George and it's been a huge hit. She loves it and actually keeps the hat on her head... the only hat, in fact, that she doesn't pull off immediately. It's hard to believe that Matt and I are raising our children in "big city" Chicago. I feel a little ashamed about that. :) But after seeing her in this ensemble I'm confident that she's got red dirt pumping in her veins. In no time she'll be dreaming of ponies and talking about her Texas rodeo cowboy uncles, Hunk and Johnny and about her great great grandma Alice who was in the Land Rush of Oklahoma.

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