Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sweet Little Painter

Art Time
Originally uploaded by The Gulde Family.
Francis is killing me with cuteness these days. She is saying some of the funniest things and just being all around adorable. Here are some photos of her painting yesterday. She's still a little young to be painting. Our painting "sessions" last at most 15 minutes - 10 of which are her painting her hands. Not to mention the 15 I spend cleaning her up afterwards. I can't help it though I love her paintings and she's always so proud of herself. Whenever she finishes making something she'll hop around and point at her artwork and say "I made it!"


Kristen said...

the photos are precious. i can already tell you are going to be up to your eyeballs in original francis artwork. You can send some my way if you run out of space. You can trust I'll take good care of it. ;-)

Fulmer Fam said...

Oh no age is too young for art :) Thomas just did his first finger painting two days ago and he is not even one yet, but coming up fast! He loved it and I found these cool brushes that the paint is inside of for him and he definitely had a preference for the brushes over his hands. Her eyes remind me of Thomas in some of the photos.