Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Sweet Francis!

Mmm... icing!
Originally uploaded by The Gulde Family.
Otter cake, "F" and star pancakes (see pictures), an early morning call from Grammie, painting, new books, new clothes, new toys, and pizza with the Breits. Add all of those things together and you come up with a pretty good second birthday.

This birthday was Francis's last without a little brother breaking her toys. So here's to your last few days of only-childhood, little girl. When that little guy is messing up all of your things, just remember that you were here first, and you had an otter cake.


ERIC WELLS said...

All I can say is the otter cake ROCKS!!! much cooler than anything you could have bought at the store,you get an A,see that "Arts & Crafts" class we had our senior year payed off(HA) Oh and by the way,with a little brother on the way,I have some advice for Francis seeing as I have 2 brothers I thought she might want to know that while playing out side she should never turn around and bend over to do anything while little brother is around because she "WILL" get something dumped down her pants(gravel,sand,etc) trust me it happens,this is what boys do!!! Best wishes....Eric

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