Monday, July 24, 2006

Babycenter Meanies

Aproximately 41 weeks ago I signed up at to receive weekly updates on my pregnancy. Every week they send me little blurbs about how big the baby is, etc. For instance, "Your baby is the size of an avocado today." It's a great way to keep updated on where you are with your pregnancy without having to pull out a book every other day. However, I'm officially annoyed with my friends at babycenter this week. They have started to send me emails about my newborn and about coming home from the hospital. Thanks for nothin' babycenter... couldn't you at least give those of us who are a little slow with these things a few days before reminding us we're overdue! :) I gave my delete key a good strong tap today when I started to read that.

So yeah, no baby. I'm officially 3 days overdue which honestly isn't so bad. Aside from feeling like my seams are about to burst I recognize it could still be a solid week before I actually go into labor. I think the hardest part is taking care of Francis. When I was late with her I could take afternoon naps and take it easy, but now that I have to watch her and be prego I just find myself exhausted. I can't sit at her little table with her anymore because I just don't bend in half like I used to. I can't pick her up to put her in her swing. I can barely get her in and out of the car so we end up staying at home more. It's just a bummer. Thank goodness for phone calls and visits from good friends and afternoon trips to our neighborhood coffee shop.


Steve said...

We feel for you. Sherylyn thought she'd never have this one. We just celebrated Allison's 8 week birthday on Friday. We're looking forward to seeing your good news any day.

Kristen said...

Babycenter knows nothing. Take it easy, friend. I'm praying for you and your little guy. I love you so much! Happy birthing anyday now!!

Drew, Amber and Megan said...

I think little baby gulde is just waiting for auntie amber go get there

Sally said...

Well then you better come on and get Amber!

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