Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nerd Cartoons

OK, hands up if you catch yourself running the pythagorean theorem in your head when forced to walk the perimeter of a rectangle instead of cutting through on a diagonal.


Well, at least this cartoonist is with me. Check out his other work here.


Sally said...

Reason #3,543 why I love my husband.

Fulmer Fam said...

So, I totally don't know you Matt, but you are married to Sally and you do have a beautiful daughter, hey and oh yeah, I totally do that too!

i said...

I pretty much assume that the fastest path is going to be the hypotenuse. The more interesting puzzle for me is how to walk from the elevator to my office, with minimum steps, but maximizing streaming by the places that typically have good candy.

Matt said...

Yeah, Imron, you're going to need calculus for the candy-optimized path. As for cutting the diagonal, I'm always amazed at the people who don't cut through the parking lots during my walk to the EL every morning.