Sunday, March 26, 2006

100% LOVE

This morning Matt and Francis played peekaboo with Elmo on the computer. has a handful of todder games and this one seems to be her favorite. To top off her good fortune, she got her first piece of candy...a lollipop for telling mommy she had to go "poo-poo." Mind you, she doesn't actually go in the potty yet, but she does tell you when she's either got to go or has already gone. I figure we're well on our way to potty training.

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im said...

Now that you are using positive reinforcement for this, you'll have to see if F's diaper-change frequency increases. In other words, in the process of training, does this encourage her to go more often?

For some reason (unexpected resuls?), this reminds me of Matt's hypo about the shoe-lace tying on the moving walkway. I happened to have such an occassion and proved Matt was right. Unexpectedly.