Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Francis has a sit-in at the YMCA

Today was a big day. It was our last swim class at the Y, Francis was so sad that she decided to have a little sit-in to protest, but no luck. It was still the last class. We'll more than likely sign up again for the next session, but it's hard to imagine it will be as much fun. We had such a fun group of moms and much so that I think we'll be putting together a playgroup to stay in touch...and sane! :)

From there things didn't get too much better. We headed for Francis's 18 month check up. As much as I LOVE our pedatrician, Francis literally screams at the sight of him. Today was no different, except that I came prepared. I had milk and graham crackers...the perfect match for a stinky appointment with the doctor. ;) Francis passed her checkup witth flying colors. She got a 97% in fact! (She's in the 97% in height and weight...STILL! ) The only big news to report is that the doctor suggested taking her off whole milk and giving her 2% instead. It seems she doesn't need any extra fat...go figure? ;) That's my girl!

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