Saturday, January 21, 2006

July 15, 2004

July 15, 2004
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This was the day our life changed. It was a Thursday.

We don't have any new pictures right now, so in honor of the new baby, we offer this photo set from Francis's first day ex utero. Click on the title above for a full set.


katherine petillo said...

it's so fun to look back at these. it's amazing how fast they grow. horray for francis! we're so glad she's in the world. we want to see her again soon. much, much love. the petillos

Steve and Amy Lou said...

so sweet, brings tears to my eyes to see little Francis as a newborn. I'm so excited for you guys to experience this again soon. love, amy

Kristen said...

dear sally and matt, i know you guys are a bag full of mixed emotions with the knowing a new nugget is in the oven. we know y'all are going to take it all in stride and be so nourishing to francis through her transition and that the new peanut will bring so much love & admiration to your corner of the world that it is sure to spill out onto the floor and out the door and into the street and out into the city which is just the gateway to the rest of the world. that love will make all things possible even in the most trying times at the grocery store with two screaming children who want candy and a bandaid. (i'm sure this scenario won't even happen to you good folks.)

i will call you crazy if you don't find out the sex beforehand, but that's just me and my curious little soul's obnoxious need to plan out my best friend's life in my head from afar. i love y'all so so much and i'm ready to roll up my sleeves and help!