Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jason Boyett

I went through grades 7-12 with a guy named Jason Boyett. Up until a couple of years ago, he worked in the advertising and design business and wrote books on the side. His writing career has (relatively) recently taken more of a front-seat position in his life, and I see that Relevant Magazine is now publishing Jason's daily journal from a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

Check out the journal here. There will be a new entry every day this week. If you read today's piece, you'll discover that Jason spent last week traveling the Dominican Republic with Richie Furay, one of the founding members of Buffalo Springfield. Well, I ruined that surprise, but there's more. Check it out.

Jason's books are fun, informative reads. His subject matter ranges from a survey of the apocolypse to a guide for young men growing up. Best of all, they're small and not burdensome to read on the train. Thanks Jason, for your economical style.

Here's a link to his book page.

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trace said...

i love his books! it is strange to grow up with someone who shares experiences and then you read about them in his books 15 years later (e.g. the McCarter Milkshake references in Jason's book "Things You Should Know by Now" Relevant 2003).

i am amazed at the talent grown in the flat dry plains of Amarillo, Texas. it is such an honor a privilege to have watched you guys grow up and become so successful.

wow! that was the proud-big-sister-only-not-really-at-all rant, huh? you guys keep on truckin.