Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Extreme Home Makeover in the OP

View from Front Door
Originally uploaded by The Gulde Family.
I've been getting requests for photos of the recent work we had done on our house so I thought I'd take some photos while it was still decorated for Christmas! I've been dragging my feet to take it all down because it's so pretty! Ah...well at least now I can look at the photos.
So the work... we had all of the wood trim cleaned of all paint slop. (The previous owners had painted the side of every door and window frame and the edge of every piece of ceiling molding.) So my type A personality is breathing much easier these days. I walk in and see clean lines everywhere. Ah... much better. Other major improvements were having the wall paper removed in the dining room to reveal the original oak paneling. What a huge difference that was. We also had the entire downstairs painted (minus the kitchen - another big project) and the staircase and upstairs landing. Now onto curtains, light fixtures, furniture and a kitchen remodel...! Argh!!! The paint color in the entry in these photos looks bright yellow. In actuality it's a pale yellow, almost taupe color.


im said...

Hey the new work you've done looks tremendous! I can say so because I've seen it. One question: I'm not a color guy, and don't know about creativity, but I thought taupe was not even in the yellow family. Am I wrong?

Sally said...

You're going to have fun talking about paint color with your wife someday. Ask Matt... he loves it.

Me: "I think this blue has too much red in it, don't you Honey?"

Matt: - puzzled and exhausted -

im said...

I think, for now, I'd settle for the wife part of that thought.