Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Frozen Dog

December Fun
Originally uploaded by The Gulde Family.
Sally and I sat down to watch Mystic River the other night. Just prior to starting the movie, I let Scout out to relieve himself. Watching Sean Penn in this role, I couldn't help but think of his character in Dead Man Walking - Matthew Poncelot. The two roles approach the concepts of vengeance and mercy in two very different ways. Both are provocative. I highly recommend both movies.

You know, I love movies. If you don't have kids yet, you should go see movies every night. Maybe two. It may seem like a burden, seeing multiple movies every night, but you'll thank me when you have kids and forget what the inside of a theater looks like.

Oh jeez, I left Scout out in the backyard for the whole movie. It was 138 minutes long. It's about 17 degrees F outside. Good movie, though.

Amazingly, Scout was unharmed after this chilly ordeal. I tried to make it up to him with treats, but I sense that he doesn't trust me anymore.

Click on the title above to see more snowy pictures and a few of Francis, whom I have never accidentally left out in the cold.


Steve and Amy Lou said...

POOR SCOUTIE!!! Your entries always make me laugh out loud, guys...thanks for the entertainment :)

Donoghue Nation said...

So you left Scout out for the entire movie and, once you figured it out, you made him wait longer while you took pictures?!?

Matt said...

This particular picture was taken by Sally on our front steps while I was shoveling the sidewalk. I admit that I took dramatic license in letting readers assume that this was a picture of the event described.

Tigre said...

HMMMMM, a theory. Well i would agree that to define the idea of ID as a theory it requires some imagination. I see that as being the core of your arguement, where the core of mine is that we're trying to compromise on an issue, but the other side refuses to use just a little imagination... i gotta return to my duty section for a few minutes...but i'll finish this particular reply in a little while.

Drew, Amber and Megan said...

where do I go if I'm not interested?

Matt said...

You stay right here, Amber.