Monday, November 21, 2005

Nashville Vacation!

sally, lola and mama
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I flew to Nashville this weekend sans Matt and Francis to visit my dear 'ol pals, Tom and Katherine Petillo. Things have changed since the last time I saw them... they've mulitplied! Miss Lola Rose has been added to their household. What a beautiful little nugget. She is so adorable.

We had a great weekend. Friday I spent the day at Word Records with Katherine and it felt great to be back in an office setting. I actually worked on some revisions while I was there. Saturday we did what all good friends do... we sat around all day, watched football and ate leftovers. ;) Sunday I was completely spoiled with my favorite breakfast of all time: the famous Petillo German pancake with homemade cinnamon syrup. Ah... you can't ask for more than that. It was so good to be around old friends... and a new little one!

Thanks guys, I love you and miss you already. And thank you Matt for making it possible for me to get down there to meet Lola. Now I need to get to Austin to meet my other new best friend, Rosa Jane! And Edith and Natalie!

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Kristen said...

y'all sure do look cute in nashville! we can't wait for you to come visit us in Austin. Be sure to bring the whole fam and your underwear drawer. I don't think you'll want to leave. Or maybe I should say you WON'T be able to leave. (insert evil roach motel laughter).