Friday, October 28, 2005

Hey, I can see your booty!

Francis is a bit of a locker room menace. We went to the YMCA for our first "Mommy and Me" swim class this past Wednesday and she loved it! We sang songs and kicked around. Her favorite was sitting up on the side of the pool and then "jumping" (I would hold her) into the water. It was great and I'm so glad we finally signed up for it. Everything was going great until we hit the locker room to change out of our suits. That girl wanted to explore! As soon as her suit was off it was as if the gun went off at the races! And well, if you've ever been in a locker room you probably know that you don't make friends by exploring! It was hilarious... I turned the corner to catch her and got an eyefull! Oh well... we had fun and can't wait to get there next Wednesday.

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