Wednesday, October 12, 2005

BEWARE: Chester and Francis Bite.

"I Bite"
Originally uploaded by The Gulde Family.
Went to the brand spankin' new SUPER Target by our house today. This would have been pure fun except that I had pinched a nerve in my back earlier this morning while putting Francis down for a nap. As a result, I ended up "creeping around" for the rest of the day. This back/nerve pinching thing is a reoccuring thing...maybe every 6 months to a year I do it and it puts me down for a day or so. I'm convinced it's due to a snowboarding trip I made my senior year of college when I came back with a broken tail bone. Remember that guys? In any case, it's no fun. But fortunately for me I have Francis. Francis is always good for cheering me up... today I looked down to see her biting something she pulled off of the dollar rack at Target. It made me giggle (ouch) when I saw that it said "I Bite."

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