Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Irish 17 - Wolverines 10

go irish
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The Donoghues were gracious enough to host us for the game last weekend. That's a tall order when you have a traveling squad of four, including dog and baby.

Donoghue's mom drove in to babysit Francis and Scout during the game on Saturday. Thanks!!

As for the game, I had mixed feelings at the end of it. I really wanted the ND offense to keep its momentum from the previous week. There was just no production in the second half. As many have pointed out to me, though, the defense showed more than anyone expected last weekend. To yield only one touchdown after playing in the shadow of their own goalposts for much of the game was pretty satisfying.

Go Irish. Beat Spartans.


Donoghue Nation said...

Alright, I think you are giving the Irish D too much credit. I am afraid the Michigan offense shut down all on its own and the Irish were recipients of that.

Matt said...

Donoghue has provided an example of comments typical among Michigan faithful: "You didn't beat us; we beat ourselves." Effectively, "your team still sucks (although mine sucks worse)."

I'll allow you whatever comfort this mindset provides. And I look forward to hearing the same thing next year.

Donoghue Nation said...

Oh and the best part of the pics on that website, is watching the reaction of the guy in the bottom corner of each shot. Very funny.

Matt said...

Fair enough. But there's an element of derision in distinguishing between "our offense shut down" and "the Irish shut our offense down" that's hard to swallow. Perhaps Henne was feeling the pressure on this play. Perhaps he was anticipating the need to get the ball out quickly even if there wasn't much pressure on this particular play. Maybe the noseguard insulted his mom.

If Henne had seen that guy in the endzone, would I now be complaining that our secondary "shut down" and allowed Michigan to win the game? Would that detract from the credit that Henne normally deserves for a touchdown pass?

Your complaints still amount to "we would have beaten you if . . ." Just like me saying we would have won if Desmond hadn't caught that ball on fourth down . . .or you saying UM would have won if Rocket hadn't returned those kicks.

Should we play games with Feynman diagrams or should we play them on the field?

Matt said...

And with that, I'll let Donoghue have the last word.

Matt said...

I think we've made a record here that speaks for itself.

Alexia said...

great pic of you two!!!

imron said...

first, tough game ND agains mich state. the spartans outlasted ND, and that is hard to watch. i like a lot of offense though.

second, gulde is right here - the record does speak for itself. all he was looking for was the admission that ND was the better team (and not that it won by default because MI didn't try), and donoghue gave that up in one of the last messages.

hope all is well on your hemisphere guys!