Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Vacation in Galveston

Vacation in Galveston
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It's been awhile! I apologize for that. But man o' man this girl has been busy. Since we've been back I've pulled one all nighter and been up till 2 and 3:30 on other nights. Work is kickin' my booty, but it's all good. I just keep thinking about that kitchen remodel and I'm rejuvenated. ;)
Galveston was great. We had so much fun seeing my mom and sisters and their families. There were kids EVERYWHERE! It was fun to see Francis get pawed by all of her cousins. She loved it! She was never short of an audience.
Well, I've got to cut this entry short...It's 6:45am and I have to get to the dentist! Blah... he's coming in early so that Matt can watch Francis while I get ANOTHER crown and have a couple fillings taken care of.

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Donoghue Nation said...

Patel rocks! I hope everything is fixed Sally.