Saturday, July 09, 2005

Roller Derby

So by now, you should all be familar with Francis's long, plentiful, crazy head of hair. Well, yesterday I felt inspired. Francis got the sponge roller treatment.

I don't think my mom curled my hair as a baby (frankly, I didn't have any.) But I've seen photos of my mom's hair in rollers when she was a little girl. Her hair was always in ringlets with bows. Always crazy adorable and picture perfect. That was back in the day when mothers would iron their children's clothes. When did they have the time to do all of that? I can barely find the time to curl my own hair, let alone iron anybody's clothes.

Anyway, Francis and I have been sick this week (and when she's awake I can't work) so I thought I'd give it the ol' one-two and see if I could pull it off. The photos say it all really. From a technical standpoint, I think my hair rolling days are numbered. Fortunately, I have the cutest girl of all time. So even though it turned out to be a mess it might be the greatest thing I've ever seen.

As always, click through the title of this post to view the entire set of pictures, and see the curly head.


Drew, Amber and Megan said...

Sally I was always jealous of your hair in high school. I remember one time we were getting ready for a double date.You and Joe Brown and me with Chris Marczak. You were taking the hair rollers out of your hair and it looked soooo cool. I never got the hang of hair rollers.

Kristen said...

My mom and I giggled at the pictures of Francis in rollers. Thanks for helping to make our day brighter this morning. I think with a little practice you could become the world's best baby hair roller. Don't Give Up. :-)
I love you! I hope you're having a great birthday today!! Love and miss you.