Wednesday, July 27, 2005

MOVIE: Frantic Francis Stacking Away

Geez, Matt got so serious with his Hazzard County manifesto that I decided we all needed some soothing Francis time.
She and I were in her playroom today and I showed her how to stack! Boy did she take it to heart...she loved it and couldn't get enough.'s a new movie for ya. It doesn't have a punch line; it's just Francis displaying a little of her OCD tendencies. It's hosted on a new free movie site called Vimeo. We're trying it out so let us know if it doesn't work for you. As always click the blog title to view.

As you're watching, take note of a couple funny things: (1) Francis stacks one-handed, but the non-stacking hand hovers near the action like a worried aunt; and (2) after each complete stack, Francis slams the cone down like an empty pint glass on the bar.

Give her another!


Kristen said...

I like the movie. I give her a 9 on her costuming.

Did she have to spend much time prepping for this movie shoot, or was it a la natural? because goshdarnit, that girl is plum CUTE!!

Don Roedner said...

This whole endeavor was spoiled by the fact that I HATE Grease and everything connected with it. Still, it's clear that Francis is a gifted stacker. And somehow I'm sure she'll grow up hating Grease too...